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NCCE Memorabilia (2003 to 2007)

Time:2008-05-27  Source:NCCE  Author:NCCE

2003 - NCCE core team headed by Mr. Shu Yang was established and the team began planning NCCE projects.

2004 - After much research and demonstration, NCCE framework was finalized.

September 2005 - Mr. Shu Yang delivered a speech at the Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center. A breakthrough of NCCE project was made.

October 2005 - Nanning Municipal Government approved to establish NCCE in Nanning.

May 2006 - NCCE was formally incorporated into the substance of the preparatory stage.

June 2006 - NCCE and Guangxi Kejiayi Marketing and Advertising Co., Ltd signed the Commissioned Contract of NCCE Logo and Exhibition Planning Design formally signed a company logo (LOGO) and exhibition planning and design commission contract. NCCE logo was born.

September 2006 - NCCE formed a strategic partnership with Szkingdom Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 600446) to jointly develop commodity auction (electronic) trading system.

October 2006 - NCCE completed the first Chinese and English edition of NCCE Brochure and Variety Overview.

November 2006 - NCCE participated in the third China - ASEAN Expo. It is the first time that NCCE carried out the public and society, customer oriented marketing work which had a good effect.

November 2006 - Membership Development work was officially started.

December 2006 - NCCE membership development work was started in full swing. NCCE attended High-level meetings such as 2006 China International Aluminum Conversazione and the Sugar Association Annual Conference 2006, which achieved good results.