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A delegation from Federation of HK Guangxi Community Organisations Visited NCCE

Time:2016-08-15  Source:NCCE  Author:NCCE

On the morning of August 13, Permanent Chairman Mr. Deng Qinghe, Chairman Mr. Cai Jiazan, Secretary General Mr. Luo Zhichao of Federation of HK Guangxi Community Organisations visited NCCE for investigation and communication. NCCE president Mr. Wei Jinghang, Director Mr. Peng Wenjian and Mr. Lu Jianliang, Vice President Mr. Zhang Yongqiang and Mr. Peng Peishan received them.

Mr. Peng Wenjian lead the delegation to visit the trading hall, computer central room and staff offices, then participated in the symposium. At the symposium, Mr. Wei Jinghang and Mr. Peng Wenjian introduced NCCE state of development and strategic layout to the guests. Mr. Deng Qinghe expressed a high degree of praise that NCCE had made a great effort in applying Hong Kong new shareholders' abundant market operation experience and resource superiority, deeply developing cross-border electronic trading among ASEAN countries and speeding up the pace of internationalization development.