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NCCE Yantai Sea Cucumber(Dry) Officially launched Trade

Time:2016-04-25  Source:NCCE  Author:NCCE

April 23 2016, NCCE held a ceremony for Yantai sea cucumber (dry) which has been officially launched and trade code is YTHS01. Yantai sea cucumber (dry) is another new on-line variety which was releasing of physical commodities sold model in January 22.


To ensure the products of on-line sale transaction are full compliance with standards of product quality and commitment which can guarantee that all aspects of the trade is smooth and compliance. The earlier, the manager and the relevant staff of sea cucumber(seafood) operations center together with the staff of Quality Inspection Agencies, Marine Research Institute, Insurance Companies and Logistics Companies to check every detail of the Sea Cucumber farming, fishing, processing, inspection and quarantine, warehousing, storage conditions, origin of product, delivery and security before Yantai sea cucumber(dry) enterprises about to sale on-line.


Traders not only can purchase the sea cucumber with high-quality and enterprises prices through the spot on sale platform, but also can merchandise sea cucumber on the secondary market of on-line trade system in NCCE.


According to Economic Daily, China Economic Net, Peoples daily, China News, Sohu, Dagongbao Dagong Network and Hexun network gathered in ASEAN Exchanges to witness Launching Ceremony of Yantai sea cucumber on-line transactions. It marks the "Yantai sea cucumber" as a geographical indication of commodity spot trading varieties was officially listed on commodities trading platform. It took an important step for Yantai City to build their specialties seafood brand, the new varieties on-line ceremony made full preparations for upcoming products: The first Guangxi Jade- He Jade (lychee jelly) varieties and Guangxi Queen Jade also known as South stream Jiang Jade.


After the meeting, the chairman Wei Jinghang and vice president Peng Peng respectively signed cooperation agreement with Guangxi Yizhou Hewansheng Investment Co., Guangxi Guidong Culture Art Co., Guangxi Heyuyu Stone Culture Communication Co.