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NCCE Chairman of Board Address

Time:2016-05-27  Source:NCCE  Author:NCCE

On the beautiful coast of South China Sea, the bank of Beibu Gulf, a new modern commodity exchange market - Nanning (China-ASEAN) Commodity Exchange (NCCE for short) has been established to serve the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area in the support of the government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous and Nanning Municipal Government ahead of the opening ceremony of the third China-ASEAN Expo. This is a great event of significance. NCCE adhered to innovation to set up auction trading and other trading patterns and combined commodity exchange, settlement and financing, warehouse and logistics, information service, merchandise display and international procurement together to provide China and ASEAN countries with an unprecedented and extremely broad trade platform. Its foundation is significant to improve market mechanisms of China, supplement the deficiency of the management and service mode of market operation, develop the China - ASEAN Free Trade Area, establish the leading position of Guangxi in China - ASEAN Free Trade Area, adjust and optimize industrial structure, improve the quality of economy development, implement the Plan of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone approved by the State Council and develop the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone as the fourth pole in economic growth.


The beginning is meaningful, yet we have much long way to go. The former US president George W. Bush said excitedly,I'm looking for those who can deliver the letter to GarciaIt is these people who take the initiative to accomplish missions without supervision may change the world. after he finished reading The letter to Garcia. We are among those who can deliver the letter to Garcia. We are changing the world while we are changing ourselves. To survive, we have to compete; to succeed, we have to excel. We are on pursuit of perfect, excellence and success and we will see to the end. There is no destination that we cannot reach, no mountain where we cannot climb to the peak. We walk on our own feet to break a road; we build our own integrity with our personalities. Wind and waves can never stop our sailing. We are high-spirited on the road to a bright future!