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NCCE Innovate Advantages

Time:2016-05-27  Source:NCCE  Author:NCCE

It is conducive to promoting the development of China - ASEAN Free Trade Area.

It is conducive to China - ASEAN Expo held successfully and sustainable development.

It is conducive to establishing the leading position of Guangxi in China-ASEAN Free Trade Area.

It is conducive to Guangxi industrial restructuring and improving the quality of Guangxi economy.

It is conducive to the integration of market resources and creating the basis for a market economy transitioning.


NCCE Six First

The first one created auction trading mode

The first one proposed non-performance applications trading system. Spot traders may make non-compliance applications under certain conditions, to fully protect the interests of both parties.

The first one carried out the "financing transaction" business. Spot traders cooperate with banks and non-bank financial institutions through electronic trading platforms so that the enterprises can achieve trade financing in the transaction. The procedure is simple, fast and convenient, safe and reliable.

The first one developed the document of title of taking delivery pledge financing business. Spot traders can pledge the document of title of taking delivery for financing to liquidate the inventory and the bought yet non-taken-delivery commodities. This makes the trade flow and capital flow combined together efficiently and rapidly.

The first one implemented "third-party logistics mode." Centralized trading, decentralized settlement, remote delivery of "third party" mode and professional operation, change the traditional logistics, of which the trading and delivery place is the same. It forms sectorial outlets of one place trading, multiple places settlement via automatic and systematic allocation, joint interaction. It saves time and space, reduces logistics costs and makes the process of logistics more cost-effective.

The first one adopted the rollbake, rollover approach. Spot traders may apply earlier delivery or deferred delivery for the commodities that have already been traded according to their needs. Its a flexible way to operate and avoid risks.


The advantages for NCCE development  

More market potential

NCCE is oriented to the whole China-ASEAN Free Trade Area. The trade value of China in 2005 amounted to $ 130.3 billion at more than 20% annual growth rate. China - ASEAN bilateral trade volume will reach more than $ 250 billion along with its development process.

Wide trading varieties

The varieties involve industry, agriculture, forestry, energy, new materials more than a dozen industries. And it will continuously develop and complete the varieties based on customer demand.

New trading system

NCCE came into a strategic alliance with Zhengzhou Zhengda IT Ltd. to jointly build and develop a new trading system.

High quality of service

NCCE employs celebrities, experts and scholars from economy and trade, financial, politics and law circles as advisers. It also forms professional teams with elite staffs to provide customers with high quality services.